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Daniel 6 introduces us the story of Daniel in the lion’s den and we all know this bible story so well. However, we tend to read it as it is and not meditate on what else the Lord is possibly trying to tell us. Many times when we read the word, it’s just to read it, to say “I have completed what the Lord asks of me”, what the Lord wants is for us to take the time to read and analyze it, ask questions and learn. While reading this chapter you will see that King Darius liked Daniel. Daniel had favor of the Lord and above all, they knew what kind of man he was, faithful. King Darius knew that he would serve him well, but when the new law of praying to another god came into effect Daniel was found “guilty” before him (only because those bad men had tricked the king). Nonetheless, Daniel knew what the law was and even though in the bible we are told to obey the laws of the land, that does not mean you have to compromise your faith. Daniel is a perfect example of this; he was not going to pray to anyone else besides the One and Only True God; he knew that the penalty of not abiding by this law was to be thrown into the lion’s den and he still didn’t care. The bible does not tell us that he feared being thrown into the den, don’t you find that a bit weird? Well it is not weird at all, he knew that the Lord would protect him, his trust was in the Lord and he had nothing to worry about. There was no doubt in him that God would not carry through with His promises, which was to take care of His people. Unlike us, we pray and still say “if the Lords wants” what do you think that is? I am sorry brothers, but it means that there is a bit of hesitation. Do you think the Lord wants you to be afraid of what the doctor says or what the judge says or whatever the situation is? No, He wants us to put our trust in Him, but often times it is lack of faithfulness to Him that creates fear in us. We know that we have been unfaithful and are unfaithful and it is why we doubt. Lately, if you have been paying close attention to the recent preaching’s, the Lord has been saying “return to your First Love” and our first love is Him. I leave you with this, being faithful is not hard; it’s obeying what He asks of us. The question is, are you willing to obey and put Him first?