Rev. Pastor Armando Olmedo was born and raised in la Chorrera, Panama to Eugenia DeLeon and Segundo Olmedo. Where he went to school and worked; until he turned 20½ years of age. That’s when he decided to come to the United States not knowing that it was God’s perfect timing and plan for what he was about to do in this young man’s life. Exactly 6 months after coming to San Bernardino, California Pastor Armando had an encounter with the One who had everything predestined in his life our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Pastor Deanna Olmedo was born and raised in San Bernardino, California to Maria Estella and Juan José Jasso. She went to school and did what other teenage girls do; not knowing that God also had a plan predestined for her life. In 1978 she gave her life to the Lord. Her spiritual life had grown and by this time already knew Pastor Armando who at that time was very active in the church they were both attending. She knew that this was the man for her when she saw this light that glowed about him, she desired what he had. Two years later they were married.