1. Christian education, which are divided into the following age groups:


  • Childcare for infants ages 4 months to 1½ years – Our children are prepared to praise, pray and communicate with other children their age.


  • Toddlers ages 2 to 5 years – Gods Word is taught through different activities that include crafts, small skits, and homework that is given through different bible study books. They are taught how to pray, worship and memorize weekly bible verses that are related to the lessons for that week.


  • Kindergarten ages 6 to 8 years – By the time our children arrive to this class, they already know how to pray in the name of Jesus. Their faith is already active, and they know and believe that Jesus is their Savior. They will receive a weekly homework with a verse that we motivate them to memorize.


  • Intermediate ages 9 to 11 years – A weekly bible study homework is given to them, this includes a verse that is required to be memorized by the following week. They are taught how to use Gods Word as a sword of the spirit against our enemy and at this age they know the principles of fasting, reading the word, and praying which is a big part of our lives as servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. At this age they are taught that the responsibility of their spiritual lives is in their hands before God.


  • Adolescent ages 12 to 14 years – This class is very important to us, and that is why we make emphasis on weekly bible studies, there are discussions thus leaving the line of communication open with our pre-teens. At this age our children are being bombarded by different ideas in school and with their fellow peers. That is why here at our church they’re all our children. We thank God for the wisdom and grace He has given us, to bring in lessons that help put the fear of God in them.

We ask God that He uses them to bring souls to the feet of Jesus and to keep on preaching the Word of God, REGARDLESS of what they say.


  • Youth ages 15 to 17 years – There are weekly bible studies and just like the other classes they memorize a verse for the following week. A part of their activities includes going to the park and passing out tracts, speaking with other teenagers and sharing their testimony with them. Some also share with them how their parents came to know the Lord through them.


  • Young Adults 18 years and up – Our Young adults are well prepared for the step of obedience to be baptized. They work hard to fully develop the calling that God has for their lives. The gifts of the spirit are already manifesting in their lives and they are using them to bless and edify one another. They know that to have a life of victory daily consecration of prayer, fasting, and the Word is very important.



  1. Fasting and Intercessory Prayer: This ministry has been a big part of our lives from the beginning. We pray for our community, National and Local Leaders. WE ASK God for the salvation of the souls, For that Revival for our lives and the whole world. In accordance with the reading of Isaiah 58:6, we know that only through the fast that God has chosen, the chains of our community and lives can be broken. Days of Fasting: Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and other days that are chosen.
  2. Missions in Action: This International Ministry has raised funds for orphanages and places for rehabilitation in Latin America and India, and has helped meet the needs for the first Christian Blind Convention in Mexico City. (Bible Society of Mexico). For years we have donated all monies of the last Friday of the month to help churches that did not have buildings to have their services. Funding has also been raised to buy musical instruments and to help build rooms for Sunday School that have included the furnishing and fixing of the roofs. We have also helped Pastors with their personal expenses and for missions.

Our Local Mission has provided many programs to meet the needs of the community, for example: food baskets, home repairs for single mothers, and clothing distribution.

  1. Equipping Church Leaders: This department includes Ushers, Deacons, Teachers, Helpers and anyone who needs training for the Kingdom of God. It is a privilege to be a leader in the Kingdom of God and they must be faithful in their tithes and offerings and be active in all the activities of this Church.
  1. YCRC Book Store: We offer the newest and up to date study bibles, books, and magazines to motivate and awaken everyone and bless them spiritually. This material includes large print bibles and gifts for special occasions.
  2. Producciones ICER: We record and take photos during our services and events. Please add our social media accounts so that you do not miss these powerful preaching. Facebook: @YCRCInternationalMinistriesICER and @ycrcint.ministriesicer; Twitter: @ycrcIntministry; YouTube: ICERMinistries and Instagram @ycrcint.ministries.
  3. Praise and Worship: This includes Children’s Choir, Adult Choir and Praise and Worship Team. We also provide vocal clases for those who are interested in joining one of our choirs and have clases that teach different musical instruments.
  4. Poems & Dramas: We have acting class, poetry and skits for special events and for some of our Children’s clases. This includes the costume department and other things that may be needed.
  5. Family Night: This focuses on the unity of the family, it is also used to reach out to the community. For those who are still uncertain of attending church. Therefore, we used this day to evangelize and win the whole family.
  1. Bilingual Instruction: This ministry provides classes for the community and church members who want to learn either a second language or help those who never went to school to learn how to read or write in their own language.
  2. Community Impact: We have provided breakfast for the Yucaipa Valley Police Department, and other community leaders. The doors have opened for a better relationship between the church and the community.
  3. Food Bank: We are currently in partnership with two programs, (IEHP, COMMUNITY ACTION PARTNERSHIP). Our Food Distributions are every Monday, for IEHP Program, and every third (3) Wednesday of the month for CAPP. Currently both programs feed more than 207 families a month. If you live in San Bernardino county you may call the office for more information on how to benefit from these programs.
  1. Extended Hands: This ministry started when we saw the need for single parents, the elderly and widows in our congregation who had repair problems in their homes. They had the money to buy the materials but lacked the money to pay for labor work. Under such circumstances, on the weekend we meet with brothers that have the knowledge and capability to do such work and we do it until the job is done. There have been occasions when the Lord has supplied for all the material, and there was no cost to the person in need.

1A. Hospitals & Convalescent Homes: We visit hospitals and convalescent homes in our county. In the hospitals people have been healed and through Gods mercy have been given a second chance to reconcile with God Almighty. Through this ministry the doors have been opened to pray for the sick, that if it were not otherwise they would be suffering without hope of the knowledge of Jesus. In the convalescent homes we pray and read the Word, and sing songs of worship to our Lord. This has brought blessings to many of the elderly, forgotten grandparents and brothers.

  1. Jails and Prisons: We visit those who are in prison’s and jails as the Word of God commands us to do in Matthew 25:36. Some of which have given their lives to Christ, so that when they come out the- re is a difference in their lives.
  2. Personal Evangelism: One day of the week is chosen to visit people from our church and in our community for spiritual and moral reasons:

A) Spiritual: We share bible studies for those who visit us for the first time and want to know more about Him and why it is important to walk with God, doing this helps them decide to accept Christ. The bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:14, “To uphold the weak and to be patient with all.”


B) Morally: Sometimes there are brothers or sisters who want someone to visit them, of course these visits turn into Reading the Word and talking about the things of the Lord. This does not only edify the one who is being visited, but the one who is visiting; this has brought unbeleiving families to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.