27th Revival Anniversary Recap

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This past weekend our church celebrated 27 years of Revival. The day our Pastor returned from the Brownsville Revival, in Pensacola Florida. This was a powerful time in the Lord and proved what God can do in the hearts of Men and Women who want change in their lives and are tired of living religiously. We had three days filled with powerful preachings and memories of everything God has done throughout the years.

This revival brought curiosity in the heart of our Pastor who was desperate to hear from God. He went with an open heart and a great expectation to receive from his visit. He was amazed at what he had seen, people waiting 14 hours to get into a 6 pm service, they would even stand in the rain because they were hungry for an encounter with the Lord, and nothing would stop them from receiving. While Pastor was at this revival, all he could think about was his family and church. At one of the services a prophecy was given to a Pastor who had been praying for revival, and God was sending him home with power that would transform his church! Our Pastor received that prophecy for himself. Now it was time to return home, Pastor left with hope that God would glorify Himself as He said He would. While on the plane home all Pastor could do was cry, remembering the power of God he had experienced at the revival. He wanted God to break the religious chains that bound His people and bring liberty like never before. That afternoon, when we saw Pastor, his face shone like Moses after he came down the mountain after being in the presence of the Lord. Just thinking about it brings joy to my heart! That day was life-changing! Revival came to our church, and religious chains were broken. From a church that rarely lifted their hands in worship and said amen hallelujah, they were dancing, worshipping, and audibly giving glory to God. The Lord began to save souls, set people free from drugs and alcoholism, and restore families and marriages. Revival didn’t come and go; it’s still here! The fire of God, His many signs and wonders has never stopped. On day 3 of our celebrations, Pastor Deanna Olmedo gave a powerful word from Zachariah 4:1-2; Zerubbabel was awakened by an Angel who woke him up from his sleep, (slumber) and asked him, what do you see? What do we see in the future for our nation, for our city, and for our families and future generations? The Lord is speaking to us, not just our church but to the body of Christ.

He says in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “IF MY PEOPLE” who are called by My name would humble themselves and pray and seek my face and repent from their wicked ways; then He will hear from Heaven, he would forgive their sin and heal their land. Remember the question I asked? What do you see in the future for our nation, and our families? Turning back to God and giving our hearts to Jesus is what our nation needs: revival. It’s time to awaken from our spiritual slumber.

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