How We Can Be Uncommitted to a Committed God

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No one gets married thinking it will fail, right? People get married because they want to have a long-lasting, committed relationship with the person they are in love with, and later have a family to show the fruit of their love for one another. Today, we are going to discuss how our marriage or relationship can reveal our relationship with God.


We all know someone who has gotten married and eventually found out their marriage is on the brink of falling apart. Sometimes a relationship starts to falter when one partner falls out of love and no longer gives the other the time and attention they did in the beginning. Some could ask how it is possible if they loved each other so much. Many who are unmarried fail to grasp the effort required to maintain a strong and healthy relationship. God was so committed to His creation that He sent His Only Son Jesus to die for humanity knowing that one day many would reject Him and fall out of love with Him. He knew that they would no longer want to be intimate with Him in prayer and struggle to read His love letters to them through His Word. He also knew many would cheat on Him with things that would pull their attention away from Him. He is like the Loving Spouse who wants to make things work, begging us not to leave Him, even speaking to us through sermons.


Song of Solomon 2:2 reads “Like a lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” In Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary he explains the meaning of this scripture. Jesus tells His bride the church, (Mt 10:16; Joh 15:19; 1Jo 5:19). Here, the lily represents something pure, delicate, and beautiful, while the thorns symbolize the harshness and difficulties of life. Thorns, equivalent to the wicked (2Sa 23:6; Ps 57:4). Daughters—of men, not of God; not “the virgins.” “If you are the lily of Jesus Christ, take heed lest, by impatience, rash judgments, and pride, you become a thorn”. Thorns cause pain and leave scars sometimes causing deep gashes taking a long time to heal.


In our relationship with God, our initial passion may fade over time, but God continues to pursue us with unwavering love. He reminds us that He is there with open arms, waiting for us to return to Him. However, there comes a point where He may allow us to leave and search for what we desire. Being left with no peace, comfort, or love, we realize that we have made a horrible choice. He is everything we need, and the grass is not greener on the other side.


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