The Sign of the Times

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How many of us remember where we were when we first heard that Jesus was coming back soon? Or how many remember people talking about the world ending in 2000? Perhaps some of you have not heard about His imminent return; maybe you have only heard that the world is ending. Some people prepared for that date, while others talked about how they needed to have fun, and then before the world ended, they would give their lives to Jesus. I know this because I was one of them. Foolish? I know, and very proud! This is the thought of a sinful person.

As the days go by, we see more and more signs are coming to pass. Disasters, the hearts of humanity wax cold because of the things happening around us, and we allow fear to come into our lives.  Some of you may ask yourselves, “Is there a God that exists and cares?”.

I am here to tell you there is a God in Heaven. He sees everything before we do. He loves us so much that He warned us in His word to look at the signs. Those who garden know when a fruit tree is getting ready to give its fruit, or when a flower is about to come out. He tells us in Mark 13:7 (msg) that these things would happen, but it was not yet the end. This tells us we still have time to prepare. To get our hearts right and look for God, the Giver of Eternal Life.

Let’s believe God’s Living Word today, and live as if it’s our last day on earth, but not to satisfy our flesh. We have to prepare for eternity and where we want to spend it. Jesus continues to give us opportunities to make things right. So, forgivelove, and seek the Lord.